The longer I walk with Christ, the more I realize my utter dependence upon the undeserved favor He so generously extends.

The paradox of His kindness is profound. It swaddles as tightly as a newborn baby with love and security, yet gloriously frees like an unrestrained “calf released from the stall”! (Malachi 4:2)

I will spend a lifetime in humble pursuit of The Pursuer, Who freely bestows and offers this gift to all who will receive it.

This gift defines how God sees us.

It denies the enemy’s hold on us.

It defies the gravitational pull of this world, our flesh and the enemy.

It destines us for greatness, and it derives it’s very existence in Christ Jesus The Lord! This marvelous gift begins with Christ, ends with Christ, and is solidified in Christ.

It's called grace.

Simply grace.

Purchased by Christ’s death, burial, resurrection, and sealed with His ascension, we are free to be who He created us to be, because of grace.

His love compels me and His kindness overwhelms me. But it’s this gift of grace that undoes me! My life’s story is one of grace and my life’s passion is Jesus, Who is the very essence of grace. Hallelujah! What a Savior!

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